Our goals are to address and target the specific issues that are having a huge impact on our people in our area. Some of the things we are battling are Diabetes, alcohol & drug addiction, and suicide. Whether it’s a short-form PSA or a long form interview show, we believe it is important to use our airwaves to bring awareness and preventive education for the long-term health of our listeners.


We have worked with the local police, local spiritual leaders, medical personnel, and government officials to further validate and enhance our presentations with accurate and credible information. The community has been very open and supportive in talking about the issues and passing along useful information to the public.

We believe with our anti-drug & suicide prevention campaigns we have shed light on its impact locally and pressured our local government to take action and seek out funding for programs and resources to help. Since we have made this a priority, several programs have launched and we like to think that we played a part in these efforts.


Our local population is around 80% Native American. We offer programming in our Lakota language on a weekly basis. We believe in enhancing our cultural identity to help ourselves remember that we once historically followed a strict value system that centers on wellness and family. Too often our people will learn values outside of their own culture and this usually has a negative effect on the person and his/her surroundings. It is our goal to remind our listeners on the importance of having this crucial awareness.